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Using both traditional and modern techniques, we design and build custom handcrafted wood furniture for the home and office. Centered around functionality and beauty, each piece is created with hand selected lumber, that is grain and color matched for maximum visual effect. All detailed joinery and surface finishing are completed by hand using traditional methods. I strive to produce a flawless finish most of which are applied by hand.

Founded in 1993, Pinegrove Furniture and Design focused primarily on the design and manufacturing of high quality handcrafted furniture. Over the past 30+ years we had many requests to repair furniture and other wood products. Using that knowledge and experience Pinegrove Furniture has create a furniture repair division to service the local market. Managing the demands of the residential, commercial, and institutional client is our primary goal. We understand clients have multi-faceted needs with individual attachments and nostalgia to their personal belongings. If it was a new purchase or a family treasure we can fix it. Responding to the customer needs is our specialty.



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Pinegrove Furniture and Design will partner with local crafts people to highlight their products. This month we are featuring a local craftsman from out port Newfoundland that truly exemplifies the term “hand built”. He starts from cutting local lumber, preparing the material to crafting final product. His line of ultra rustic furniture can easily be adapted to indoor or outdoor applications and he will work with the customer to customize furniture that will fit the end users needs. Please feel free to reach out as we support local artisans to build out local furniture and craft business.


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when you support local craftspeople. Keeping our economy running and families together. Help support Newfoundland and Labrador business.

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“ every time you support a local business you put a smile on the owners face”